The preview of ‘Jalachhayam’, the feature film (90mts-Malayalam-35mm) filmed in a mobile phone (Nokia N95) camera for the first time in world film history has been held in Sree theatre, thrissur, kerala on 06th june 2010. Mrs. Sindhu Lohithadas has inaugurated review ceremony of the film. K P Rajendran, the hon’ble revenue minister of kerala, Prof R Bindhu, the hon’ble mayor of thrissur corporation, Miss Kripa, film actor and over 500 film lovers graced the auspicious occasion.

We Dedicate This Site To... Late J Goutham Who Was The Asso.Editor of Jalachhayam And Sound Recordist Of Veena Vaadanam. He Was Also A Budding Documentary Director, Sound Recordist, Video Editor And Cinematographer. He Has Created A Documentary Named and About 'Snail'. Unfortunately, We Parted Our Ways On 31st Jan: 2010 At His Blooming Age Of 18. Goutham Was Son Of Dr. B Jayakrishnan Who Is The Main Inspiration Of The Film.

Dear Film Lovers And Makers... We have very hope that, you, all over the world would be impressed with our experiment with a small mobile phone as a novel medium in the world film history. If you go through this blog you would come across solid evidences like videos, photos, several reports of leading newspapers in India about Jalachhayam and Veena Vaadanam which eventually ended up in becoming the first mobile phone movies of the world from india.

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jalachhayam extra Photos

Photos Of Pooja And Swich On:
The Preparation Of Pooja
T V Vinod Santhy 
The Priest T V Vinod Santhy,
Sree Kuruvath Rudhira Mala
Bhagavathy Temple Does
Pooja Of Jalachhayam.
The Great Hail
P Ramadas Blessings
Mother's Benediction
K N Komalam, Mother Of
Sathish Kalathil Blessings
Preparing for The Next Shot
 Preparing for another  Shot of
 'Jalachhayam' after Pooja
'We are to create history'
 Preparing for 1st Shot of
 'Jalachhayam' after Pooja

Jalachhayam Pooja Location
A long view of jalachhayam
pooja location
Photos Of Shooting Conclusion

'Sigh of Relief'
Audience at 'Jalachhayam' 
shooting conclusion ceremony
Just A Accustom
Cine Actress Remadevi And
Bharathi, W/O Baburaj Puthur

Photos Of Preview:

We Are Ready
Expecting Audience to the Preview
We Are Also Ready
Experiencing the 'Magic' of  Cinema

In Balcony
Waiting for the historical moment
In First Class
Audience of  'Jalachhayam' Preview
Photos Of Review:
'Delighted Gathering'
 Audience Of Appreciation Ceremony 
after preview at 
Hotel Elite International, Thrissur

'Delighted Gathering'
       Audience Of Appreciation
Ceremony after Preview

Director Speech
Sathish Kalathil speaks at
Preview Ceremony
The 'Little Wonders' 
Akhil Krishna And Navin Krishna
(Jalachhayam Master Actors)

Other Photos:

On the shooting set of Jalachhayam
A snap of forest scene
A little focus
Jalachhayam crew Watching T V
in Pallippuram location
With the director
A focus
Jalachhayam Team with Harikrishnan
 Son of A K Lohithadas,
Acclaimed Film Director 
Jisha In Jalachhayam Location

A toughing in make up
A toughing in make up