The preview of ‘Jalachhayam’, the feature film (90mts-Malayalam-35mm) filmed in a mobile phone (Nokia N95) camera for the first time in world film history has been held in Sree theatre, thrissur, kerala on 06th june 2010. Mrs. Sindhu Lohithadas has inaugurated review ceremony of the film. K P Rajendran, the hon’ble revenue minister of kerala, Prof R Bindhu, the hon’ble mayor of thrissur corporation, Miss Kripa, film actor and over 500 film lovers graced the auspicious occasion.

We Dedicate This Site To... Late J Goutham Who Was The Asso.Editor of Jalachhayam And Sound Recordist Of Veena Vaadanam. He Was Also A Budding Documentary Director, Sound Recordist, Video Editor And Cinematographer. He Has Created A Documentary Named and About 'Snail'. Unfortunately, We Parted Our Ways On 31st Jan: 2010 At His Blooming Age Of 18. Goutham Was Son Of Dr. B Jayakrishnan Who Is The Main Inspiration Of The Film.

Dear Film Lovers And Makers... We have very hope that, you, all over the world would be impressed with our experiment with a small mobile phone as a novel medium in the world film history. If you go through this blog you would come across solid evidences like videos, photos, several reports of leading newspapers in India about Jalachhayam and Veena Vaadanam which eventually ended up in becoming the first mobile phone movies of the world from india.

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History Of The First Mobile Phone Cinema In World

Functions of Jalachhayam
Pooja and Switch-On  ceremonyPooja and Swich-On ceremony of the first mobile phone feature film in the world Jalachhayam was held on 22nd Nov. 2008 at Namboothiri Vidyalayam School, Thrissur. The acclaimed film director P Ramadas switched on Jalachhayam.
Director P Ramadas Switches-on
Malayalam-Tamil actor Kripa clapped-on the film and Malayalam film director T K Vasudevan directed the first shot. 

' With a humble reverence
to the God Almighty'
Pooja of  Jalachhayam   

N P K Krishnan, who sponsored Nokia N95 for shooting  Jalachhayam was the Chief Guest of the function. Several Luminaries including T V Chandramohan Ex-M L A, Prof. K B Unnithan,leading social and political activist, the pupils and teachers of Namboothiri Vidyalayam and Press Reporters graced theauspicious occasion. The Pooja of Jalachhayam was by Vinod Santhy, the Chief Priest of Kuruvath Sree Rudhira Mala Bhagavathy Temple, Thrissur.
Shooting Conclusion Ceremony: 
The conclusion of the film’s shooting had been inaugurated by T V Chandramohan, Ex-M L A on 06 12 2009 at Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, Thrissur. Writer C A Krishnan, actor Remadevi were participated as special invitees to the function.
Film Actor Kripa Claps-On
With belief
Sathish Kalathil receives Camera
(Mobile Phone)
from Priest T.V.Vinod Santhy

Review ceremony: 
The preview of Jalachhayam has been held in Sree theatre, Thrissur, Kerala on 06th june 2010, sunday 9.30 am. On that day, Mrs. Sindhu, wife of late A K Lohithadas-acclaimed film director and Script Writer of Malayalam film industry-has inaugurated and Prof R Bindu, the hon’ble Mayor of Thrissur Corporation has presided over Jalachhayam review ceremony at Hotel Elite International, Thrissur. 
K P Rajendran, the hon’ble Revenue Minister of Kerala, T K Vasudevan, Malayalam film director, Miss Kripa, film actor and over 500 film lovers graced the auspicious occasion.
History of Jalachhayam
Introduction: Earlier, Sathish Kalathil, Dr. B Jayakrishnan, Baburaj Puthur, Sujith Aalungal and the natives of Thrissur had filmed a documentary named Veena Vaadanam about the origin- growth-and the evolution of Painting, in Nokia N70 mobile phone in 2006-2007. The success of Veena vaadanam instilled in this team the confidence to make a feature film in a mobile phone.
And, This idea was sprout in Sujith's head. 
The Team of Veena Vaadanam
Dr. B Jayakrishnan shoots 
a shot for Veena Vaadanam
in Nokia N70 mobile phone  
Later, Prof. K B Unnithan, Saju Pulikkottil, and Das Anjery joined this team. Sathish is a fast food business man. Dr.Jayakrishnan a noted ayurvedic physician, Baburaj a music teacher at Mohan Sitara’s Music Academy, Sujith, Senior Grade Assistant in Kerala Agricultural University, Prof. Unnithan a leading social and political activist, Saju a small scale merchant and Das Anjery is a sales man. After a while, Unnikumar (musician), Chithramohan (theatre artist), Prasanna Balan (dancer) also joined us. More than 35 artists including Actress Kripa, her mother and actor Remadevi, renowned Malayalam poet Mullanezhi acted in our film.
Hiccups at the commencement: When we had resolute will to produce Jalachhayam, we faced two problems. We had no sufficient resources, both money and the actors  and the technicians. C V Kavitha, the reporter of  Mangalam daily wrote about our venture in her Column. This report fetched us ample artists and technicians. Pramod Vadakara and Ajeesh M Vijayan joined us to become the cinematographer and costume designer of the film respectively as a result of this write-up.

N P K Krishnan donates Nokia N95
mobile phone for Jalachhayam 
Yet, our main problem was still there. Initially, our rough calculated  
budget was only one lakh rupees. To raise it, we contributed Ten Thousand rupees each as initial capital. To add on, we decided to approach the generous public. On the way, N P K Krishnan, a generous heart, the proprietor of West Hill Travel Center, Thrissur handed over Nokia N95 (8 gb-5 mega pixels) mobile phone which was the most sophisticated standard mobile phone available in the general market at that time. He also offered his house to shoot.

Prof.K B Unnithan

After a while, Prof. K B Unnithan, a leading social and political Activist contributed Ten Thousand rupees along with his house to shoot. Dr. K G Mohan, a renowned Painter offered his costly Paintings for the film.
Thus we began our adventurous journey to see our dream come true.
Hiccups at the end: At the end of successful shooting conclusion, we were insolvent to proceed the Post-production work . Learning this ,  Bhasi Pangil, reporter of Kerala Koumudi daily  wrote a write-up in his media about Jalachhayam glorifing it’s historical importance. After effects of this report was so amazing that changed our fortune. Several film lovers extended their hands and offered their contributions. This very moment, we especially thank a man who has contributed the lion's share of the
Child Hood Crushed
This Art Of Dr. K.G.Mohan
Is an essential ingredient

Of Jalachhayam
Post-production expenses named Bhadran. He went to seek his fortune in the distant lands of Middle East  from Alappuzha district, Kerala. He never wanted to reveal his identity.

Rajesh Editing Jalachhayam In
His Studio At Kottayam

And, another kind heart, 
Rajesh Manganam, an amateur Short-film director-editor- and cinematographer based in Kottayam, learning about our sufferings edited Jalachhayam with infinite interest free of cost.
Theme of Jalachhayam:

Formation of the Story
Sujith discusses with Sathish
 the script of Jalachhayam 
Mohan, an art teacher in a city college meets Sadanandan, an ordinary villager incidentally, and learning his aptitude in drawing, teaches him the nuances of modern methods of painting. Mohan buys the Paintings of Sadanandan -which were good enough than an amateur Painting- was beyond the expectations of Mohan. But, Sadanandan was totally unaware of the philistine attitude of Mohan who uses him for own benefit. Jalachhayam narrates about how Sadanandan survives the moment he knows, Mohan, a godfather-like figure to Sadanandan,  was cheating him.
Actors and characters:

Dr.B Jayakrishnan and  Baburaj Puthur
Artist Mohan and Sadanandan 
Baburaj Puthoor, music teacher in Mohan Sithara’s Music School and Dr. B Jayakrishnan, a noted Ayurvedic physician in Thrissur gave life to the protagonists of Jalachhayam, Sadanandan and Mohan respectively. Dancer Prasanna Balan and baby Nimisha wore the hats of the characters Mohan’s wife Geetha and his daughter. Baby Lakshmi and master Navin Krishna were Sadanandan’s children Chinju and Kannan  . Film actor Kripa gave a guest appearance in this film and other leading performers are theatre actor Chitramohan, Prof. K B Unnithan, N P K Krishnan, Das Anjery, Saju Pulikkottil, N K Saseedharan, Rukhia Kechery, and Ramachandran Manakkody.

Pramod Vadakara and
Sathish Kalathil
Behind: Jalachhayam was directed by Sathish Kalathil. Story-Screenplay-Dialogues were by Sujith aalungal, and Pramod Vadakara filmed Jalachhayam. Unnikumar gave music to Sidharthan Puranattukara’s lyrics, for which Baburaj Puthur rendered his magical voice. A mesmerizing solo song in this film has to play a major part in the climax of this film. Chief Associate Director of this film is Bhasi pangil in which Make-up was done by Production Controller Saju Pulikkottil, Costumes by Ajeesh M Vijayan, Art by Surya and Sound Recorded by Sujesh Shankar. Sound Mixing and BGM had been done by Adv.P K Sajeev.
Saju Pulikkottil and
Ajeesh M Vijayan

The stalwarts Jalachhayam: Saju Pulikkottil, Pramod Vadakara and Ajeesh M Vijayan are the stalwarts of Jalachhayam.
Jalachhayam Camera
Nokia N95 In Tripod
Location Contributors: Our prime location was pallippuram, a picturesque rural village of Thrissur. Thekkinedath Mohan offered his hut for shooting for free of cost. Narayanan Kutty, Principal of Thrissur Fine Arts College and Dr.P T Vijayaraghavan, Superintendant of Thrissur Nursing Home contributed their institu- tions to film Jalachhayam. To add, a scene was shot in Malambuzha Dam gardens.

Why we chose a mobile phone?
A novel medium for movie making and meagre production cost were the reasons to choose Mobile Phone to  film Jalachhayam.
The best and the worst on a mobile phone?
Cosy handling, easy for anyone to scribble on the wide canvas of movie making, even a single layman can come out with his own movie, easy medium to fight against social evils, are the best reasons.
Controlling light, exposure, zooming and clarity of filming are the worst things waiting for you while choosing this medium.
Outcome of this novel venture
The end of all efforts of this venture, World’s first mobile phone feature film,
Jalachhayam was announced by P Ramdas and Sathish Kalathil on 11th may 2010 at Press Club, Kottayam in Kerala. And Jalachhayam was premiered in Sree theatre, Thrissur, Kerala on 2010 june 06, sunday 9.30 am. On the same day Prof.R Bindu, The Hon'ble Mayor Of Thrissur Corporation announced a Reward to the makers of this film on the occasion of  Jalachhayam Review Ceremony.
Broadcasting Certificate Of
Veena Vaadanam In T.C.V
Donorship Letter For